Becoming Kraftie

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I've always been creative. I used to want to be a Kindergarten teacher so I could make art stuff all day long. And I love kids. But after babysitting for a few years that idea has long been gone.

I've always loved dollhouses, but my mom could never afford a big one. So once after we had just moved; I took a bunch of boxes, stacked them, taped them together, and then painted the insides a different color. They were just tall enough for Barbie to walk in. I might have even attempted windows and doors. But let's just say that I literally put my blood, sweat, and tears into it. Now usually one wouldn't have a blue floor, green floor, red floor, etc. But I didn't have the money or the experience to be painting in rugs, pictures, lights, etc. But it was good enough for me at that age.

My grandma is really crafty too. For the longest time she made everyone in the family Christmas presents. And we have a big family. She's made us a blanket, pillow cases, Easter baskets, dolls. She has even made costumes, wedding dresses, and just about anything else you can think of. My first trip into a craft store, Ben Franklins, was probably with her.

And then I started working at Michaels the Arts & Crafts store in high school. And I stuck around for THREE years. THREE! Ahhhh! Let's just say I saw people come and go. And I saw my money go bye bye as well. There weren't many days I went home without some new thing I just had to have. I picked up on just about every hobby they came up with too. I did just about everything! Or I could combine them to make just about everything. And thanks to my folks for moving into a 3-bedroom, I had my own craft room to expand into. And I did.

And so to the woman who has inspired me from the beginning,
for giving me a step up into this market,
for which I now want a career in,
I dedicate this blog to my grandmother
For whom without I'd be lost in a world of nothing.

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