Pumpkin Krafts

Ahh I cannot wait to be home with all of my craft stuff. I just want to sit down and cut paper over and over and apply glue over and over and emboss this an emboss that. Not to mention playing with all the wonderful scrapbook tools they have out there. Just play and play and play and create and craft and just do it. I would look like a child, 6 years old, and Christmas had come early. And Birthday. And Easter. All at once.

But since I cannot, here are some pictures I have of past projects I have made. Some I still have, waiting to be sold, some were re-done. And others I have no clue.

A couple of years ago, when I worked for Michaels in Fairbanks, I was asked to make some store demos with the fake pumpkins. The elephant was from an idea sheet, but the giraffe...the giraffe was mine. Of course the elephant needed a friend, and I have him one. And I absolutely loved that giraffe. He took me forever, had issues with the hair, and the legs, and all kinds of things. And then I always have a hard time deciding. But I finished him and he looks amazing! The elephant does too. But the monkey Jennifer made was awesome too! haha And he was kinda pose-able.

And Whoo look at that messy craft room. Ahh I loved that room. The bright yellow walls, that I had to paint twice, always made it bright and cheery. I always felt crafty when I walked in there. I loved that room. Except the spiders. I had to clean out the screen and window sill twice a year to get rid of the spiders. Yuck! But this was still my most favorite house, well condo actually, that I ever lived in.

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