My former Kraft Room

Here are some of the few pictures I have of just one of my former craft rooms.

I made this door-hanger with Christmas ornaments.

Here's the Before.
Before I like to clean, I need to make a mess first. When organizing a room, I like all of my options open to me, therefore I need to first make a mess on the floor.

And here's the after!
This is the closet; holding mostly scrapbooking stuff. Some larger craft pieces were stored in there as well.

Here I stored long ribbons in the closet doors. The shelves hold other smaller craft stuff. I made the clock and pencil/marker holders. I bought the Create sign on ETSY. On my desk I stored new embellishments I wanted to use. The green caddy was purchased at Michaels. I painted it up. It holds markers, pens, scissors, and adhesives.

Here's an up-close of my closet and all of my ribbon. I need to start using it. Some is hung on a curtain rod, some is on rolls on the curtain rod, some is in boxes, some sitting on my Making Memories shelf. I stored pictures and books on the bookshelf. The black trays hold all of my scrap papers, mini albums, stickers, and rub ons. Three drawers are for scrap cardstock, separated by neutrals, cools, & warm colors, and another for scrapped pattern paper. The rest of my 12x12 pattern papers on the white shelves. The white curtains were also found on ETSY.

Here's my drawers of fabric, which were full! There are also jars of buttons, christmas crafts, and my board games. Love Monopoly!


Ladybug said...

LOVE your craftspace!! If you're feeling adventurous, check out mine. Warning: some pix are verrrrry verrrrry messy. LOL


p.s. in my "labels" section, click on "craft space". ;-)

Kelley-Lou-Who said...

I did! And it looks wonderful! Mahalo